ION GRIP #1 - Good Guys Always Win, Part 1: The Good Doctor

Ion Grip is a disgraced intelligence operative exiled from his home planet. He’s given a new start when Mya Mayburn recruits him for the galactic spy agency known as Blackstar. His first mission sends him undercover with a deep-space crime syndicate. But the presence of another operative dredges up Grip’s own somber past––with violent results. 


ION GRIP #2 - Good Guys Always Win, Part 2: The Good Son

Ion Grip's search for famed science miracle-worker Remy Hurm is complicated when an old nemesis appears. Will Grip live long enough to ask the charming and mysterious Ida out for a drink? Find out as the adventure unfolds week by week!


ION GRIP #3 - Good Guys Always Win, Part 3: A Good Lawyer

In their search for Dr. Remy Hurm, Ion Grip and Mya Mayburn follow the one lead they have to the mysterious garden planet, Filosa, only to be attacked by remnants of the Order of Kryg. More terrible revelations are just around the corner, but the agents will need to fight their way to them.


ION GRIP #4 - Good Guys Always Win, Part 4: A Good Friend

It’s the final part of the Good Guys Always Win caper! Ion Grip rushes back to Last Hope to settle an old score while Mya must make sure the Hurm job gets resolved.